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Ashley Rooftop - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Today on Bus - m4m [xundo]

41 We met in chat on okmeet - w4m 41 [xundo]

Bus Beauty - m4w (Industrial St. B (a.m.)) [xundo]

Shawna - m4w [xundo]

Bonnie B. We'd met at the beach - m4w (Patricia / Wpg) [xundo]

24 met at the olive garden parking and you had a white Toyota car - m4m 24 (St james) [xundo]

32 Beautiful Smile! - m4w 32 [xundo]

Valu Lots on Pembina. - m4w [xundo]

34 I miss u from St b - m4w 34 (St b) map [xundo]

Blonde driving gray/silver pickup truck - m4w map [xundo]

38 Tall Blonde in Selkirk - m4w 38 (Selkirk) [xundo]

Kids had swimming lessons together - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

51 Missing the teacher - m4w 51 (winnipeg) [xundo]

looking for a filipina as a coffee friend - m4w (wpg any) [xundo]

seeking rachelle,an asian lady from st. boniface - m4w (st boniface h) [xundo]

26 Melita paramedic - m4w 26 (Melita mb) [xundo]

hot blonde at the fox and hound - m4w (winnipeg) [xundo]

Bartender at food studio - m4m (Winnipeg) [xundo]

We met at Walmart mart I asked if u were stalking me :) - m4w [xundo]

7\11 on nairn - m4w [xundo]

47 Hottest woman at bus stop - m4w 47 (Sargent and Furby) [xundo]

25 cute cashier at princess auto - m4w 25 (brandon) [xundo]

Sexy thick ass at McDonalds - m4w [xundo]

cement truck driver - m4w (winnipeg) [xundo]

28 Cruising at St Vital mall - m4m 28 (st v mall) [xundo]

27 Looking for Zack Henderson - w4m 27 pic [xundo]

Come out come out, wherever you are. - w4m (Winnipeg) [xundo]

39 Dude at the North Kildonan Inn - The Copa - m4m 39 [xundo]

girl with the linden woods hat - m4w (rainbow trout) [xundo]

st vital mens washroom sunday 1:30 - m4m (st vital mall) [xundo]

Meme - w4m (Forks) [xundo]

gorgeous woman at Extra Foods Westdale - m4w (Charleswood) [xundo]

Tattooed Brunette - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Looking For Information About? - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

37 talked in chat on okmeet - w4m 37 [xundo]

You worked at St. James Boston Pizza a few years ago - m4w [xundo]

25 Just maybe!. Nova Scotia guy passing through Winnipeg - m4w 25 [xundo]

hey baby, wanna do it - m4w (winnipeg) [xundo]

24 My love. - w4m 24 [xundo]

28 red hat on the bus - w4m 28 [xundo]

Coffee Shop Connection - w4m (Morden) map [xundo]

Red Car - what color Red ? - m4w [xundo]

40 Searching for a *particular* you...... - w4m 40 (winnipeg) pic [xundo]

26 sexy guy walking today - m4m 26 (Kingsbury Ave) [xundo]

June 21 Shibari - m4w pic [xundo]

Downtown office building - m4m (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Whiskey dix! - w4m [xundo]

Time to put you on blast. - w4ww map [xundo]

mount royal dog walker - w4m (mount royal between portage & ness) map [xundo]

30 guy on bike monday 6pm - m4m 30 (Main Street) [xundo]

Girl with red hair that complimented my truck - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]


29 Guys from winnnipeg at chasing summer - m4mm 29 (Edmonton) [xundo]

beautiful blonde at starbucks kenaston - m4w [xundo]

30 Close those legs it's getting too loose - m4w 30 (Wpg) [xundo]

MTS man in elevator - w4m (Donald st) [xundo]

looking fir danny chow!! - m4m pic [xundo]

Sabrina Froese - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

casual friday / legion on river - w4m [xundo]

30 East indian girl on bus 75 - m4w 30 (winnipeg) [xundo]

40 Grocery store on Main st around 2 30 today - m4w 40 [xundo]

45 ryan at south beach - m4m 45 [xundo]

Shirley from redlake still around? - m4w (transcona) [xundo]

You are more then my best friend - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Kyle (Not from the peg but I can't be too specific) - w4m [xundo]

bus driver used to drive trucks - m4w [xundo]

Embarrassed by your mom at the till - m4w (N wpg) [xundo]

You are more than my best friend - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Pony coral sever downtown - m4w (winnipeg) [xundo]

Parking Lot Coop Gas - m4m (West end) [xundo]

Server at Boston Pizza Portage Ave - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Short cutie with her mom and sister - m4w (Superstore Bison Dr.) [xundo]

21 Shy girl looking for her long time crush - w4m 21 (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Tim hortons - m4w [xundo]

Any guys think Janet Jackson is cool? - w4m (MTS Centre, Sept 8th) [xundo]

Three Ladies crushing on you(at least) - w4m (Winnipeg) [xundo]

adam wildwood trailer park - m4m (WPG) [xundo]

27 To the guy in the black truck earlier tonight - w4m 27 (Winnipeg) [xundo]

New Brunswick Licence plate/Wolseley Sask [xundo]

"Bill" from aquarius. room beside office m4m m4w w4m - m4m (dt) [xundo]

Blonde girl at Brandon Value Village - m4w (Brandon) [xundo]

42 A beauty with whom I wish I'd have conversed if only for a moment... - m4w 42 (Winnipeg) map [xundo]

he hit you! - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

30 To the lady who's always at Vince Leigh screwing - m4w 30 (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Hottie walking west on nairn - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

I still think about you - m4w (Vegas) [xundo]

I love the spoons.... - m4w [xundo]

Go frown at it, that's hot - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

CO-OP girl on main around 10:30pm - m4w (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Hemp heaven - m4w [xundo]

to the ebony walking on ellice in red shorts - m4w (ellice ave) [xundo]

walking down provencher - m4w (wpg) [xundo]

26 Walking dog downtown - m4m 26 (Portage Ave) map [xundo]

Chamois on St. James - m4m (Winnipeg) [xundo]

Girls of Winnipeg - m4w (Westwood) [xundo]

Ten things.. - w4m (Winnipeg, MB) [xundo]

I miss you - w4m [xundo]

610? oh! 910! wrong hole number haha whole number.. hole number...? - m4w (so many) [xundo]

Tattooed girl at carwash on main - m4w (North main) [xundo]

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